Chapter III: 11. Adrik’s vision

Previously                    ¦             The Beginning of the Story

the night between 2 and 3 FELMONT AC 1005

ADRIKWe were out again in the wilds, after Alaric retrieval, saving him from certain death, or worst, at the hand of the heinous servant of Thanatos. The celebrations were long yesterday but, you remember, we managed to escape, without being too rude … these are useless shenanigans of human society.

I breathed slowly and deliberately, sitting down in the small tent and I took out the round item from my pocket. I put it on my lap, the specultum was polished like a mirror, the surface untainted by my touch but slightly trembling with wavelets, which gradually went to a stop while I gathered a level of concentration. For a time that I cannot measure I could only feel my breath and stare into my own eyes then, suddenly, the thing became a mirror-polished shield and my vision was sucked into it, inevitably but without violence.

The scene is located in the dungeon of a fortress or inside a tower.  I am in a room containing a huge treasure and, along with me, there are several people: a silver-eyed and silver-haired elf, a young human in armour with the coat of arms of a raging griffon, a tall peppered man sporting the sign of the Crow on the surcoat. More, a brown-haired woman, with a spear and the Diulanna symbols then a human with a long and flowing vest covered in magic runes. My companions pick up a round mirror from the treasure heap. Suddenly the face of a man appears on its surface, he has green skin and beard. If not for the colour of his skin he would be identical to Rheddrian itself.Magic Mirror There is a conversation between him and the others, but in the vision I don’t hear a sound. Then the Crow man poses his hand on the mirror and in a flash he turns up inside the item while the green skinned one appears in the room with the others. After that he disappears with the mirror and the one trapped in it. Territories, seas, mountains and cities are shown as if seen from a bird, then the vision arrives in some dark prison full of dying people. The green one appears in front of one of them, an old man in his last moments of life, and speaks to him. The old man seems astonished at first, then smiles: he touches the mirror and again switches place with the Crow man. Finally the man with the green skin and the Crow man return to the dungeon in the fortress where it all began. The mysterious man gives the group a strange round penchant and after thanking them he vanishes into nothing.

 My vision went back to me and the specultum was back to its pristine, small size.

“And that’s all, friends! This is all I remember of the time when I attuned myself to the gift of Rheddrian, the specultum. I have the clear and strong sensation that, since it was given to all of us by the forger itself, it could be possible to attune to it to all of us. You have to try, all of you, one at the time, off course. I think this is the only way to unveil other fragments of its history!”

5e stats of the shield

to be continued…

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  1. Justin Pfeil

    You are doing almost the exact thing as I am, but I’m doing it in web comic form!

    I’m starting with King’s Festival, the Keep on the Borderlands, the first adventure in Immortal fury with Queen’s Harvest following up. I’m going to have to follow you now. 🙂

  2. Elentar - Barber

    Thanks for your interest. Nice idea the web comic 🙂 and good luck for it! We will publish soon some new posts about our campaign, so stay tuned.

  3. giulimic73

    Justin Pfeil your work is just amazing! Can’t wait for next stories…

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