The Elemental Evil in Mystara – part IV: the Stage

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Dessarin Valley in Esterhold: places and encounters

All the location in this description are, as a whole, devised on the rules and the specific depiction of the original adventure. We need some corrections and integration to adapt them to play in the Esterhold Peninsula campaign in the Skothar continent.

The chosen area spans 340 miles (550 km), east-west, and 300 miles (around 480 km) [1].


It is a little city just three days from Rock Harbor, on the Long Road. Founded by a noble alphatian mage, Amphail the Just, that named it after himself and protected it from the humanoids and Jennites for the entire duration of his life and beyond, according to legends of his ghost riding on the Sumber Hill.

Fascinated by the Jennites mastership in using horses, especially in battles, he made horse breeding the more lucrative activity in town, famous all over Waerhold even today for its breeding farms. Since the time his founder was alive, Amphail became a medium-sized town (a bit bigger than in the original adventure): it is on the intersection of two big routes and the carriage commerce is flourishing, so it serves as a way station too, where to find fresh horses and provisions.

Many alphatian nobles possess lush villas on the hills surrounding Amphail in which they often reside during the autumn in Alphatia.

Bargewright Inn

A simple inn for passers-by on a hillside at the start, it’s name today is simply Bargewright and it has become a little community living in old wood and mud structures, surrounded by walls and that slowly encompassed the hill above Womford village. Since a few years ago this community is controlled by the Skyfir Guild of the Fallen (or Order of the Fallen Dragon) that placed allied merchants and businessmen in the city key positions.

The community leader is Chalaska Muruin, an alphatian-jennite half-breed female, probably born from a jennite slave raped by her alphatian master.

The innkeeper Nalaskur Thaelond is the boss of the Fallen in the city.


Surely, it is one of the most beautiful villages in the Dessarin Valley, thanks for its trees. It’s the main place for the cattle market in the area and the inhabitants are mostly shepherds and herdsmen. It is also the last place where the lost delegation was seen and thus it is more than an apt place to start the research.


Goldenfields is a huge temple-farm, circled by thick walls and sacred to Ninsun, the agriculture goddess. When, twelve centuries ago, the first alphatian conquerors arrived in Esterhold, they decided to preserve this cult place, mostly used by the Jennites then subdued and enslaved, either because this cult was a pacific one, either because the area produce were important for the colonies’ upkeep.

Abbot Ellardin Darovik now rules it, and Goldenfields is an important outpost for the Emerald Enclave. Members of the enclave, as Ninsun clerics, are certainly welcomed between these walls. Inside and around it there are nearly a thousand families, Jennites freedmen for the most part, and under the command of these monk-farmers, they harvest an area that spans for over twenty square miles and serves as a granary for the whole Peninsula. Goldenfields was also one of the destinations for the lost delegation: they obviously did not reach it.

Halls of the Hunting Axe

This building almost destroyed from time and haunted by monsters is all that remains of Besilmer, the old Kogolor [2] dwarven kingdom. From some (true) innuendos inside these ruins lies the grave of Torhild Flametongue, the Besilmer clan chief.

Haunted Fortresses

In the west part of the Sumber Hills are the ruins of four towers built twelve centuries ago by the Knights of the Wheel of Fire [3]. In the locals’ stories, the fortresses are now haunted by supernatural beings like spectres and predator monsters and they are thus shunned.

Feathergale Spire

This group of eccentric knights is part of the Howling Hate Cult and it’s primary aim is to defend the area from intruders. Their knightly manners and a low profile, helped the group not to attract the attention of alphatian and southern coast cities authorities. They even regard them as a mean to maintain secure the area.


Sacred Stone Monastery

The mysterious monk acolytes of “The Way of The Sacred Stone” have taken these old ruins as their home, since a few months ago. They are in truth a cover for the Black Earth Cult and protect the surface entrance to the Black Earth Temple.

Scarlet Moon Hall

This is the most mysterious of the Haunted Fortresses because it is, more than the others, in the inner territories of the Sumber Hills. In recent times an equally mysterious druidic order called Scalet Moon Circle, took place there. It is indeed a cover up for the Eternal Flame Cult.

Rivergard Keep

This strong castle is on the banks of Dessarin River. It is the seat for a mercenary band, whose commander, the Castle Master, is one Jolliver Grimjaw. Their cover is affirming to be a mercenary band seeking for a safe heaven, the castle they are renovating, to use as a starting point for their future business, acting as escorts for caravans going to and from Esterhold. Unbeknownst to all, they are on Breaking Wave Cult’s payroll.

riverguard keep

Helvenblade House

Southwest from Westbridge, at the edge of the forest, lies Helvenblade, the noble family Silmerhelve estate, one of the greatest and richest family in Rock Harbor.

Rundreth Manor

Perched on a hilltop above the Long Road, are the ruins of the Rundreth Manor. There is hidden the “Dark Lady” and even her name scares so much the valley inhabitants, that stay clear from her. In truth the Dark Lady is no one else than a night dragon called Nurvureem. A funny thing is that Nurvureem is a servant of Idris [4].

Stone Bridge

This huge structure, a gigantic stone arch over 3 km long and 120 meters high, is the most evident proof of the existence of a dwarven kingdom in the area, in the past. It connects the Dessarin River northern shore with the southern and is the only safe passage in several miles radius from Ironford and Yartar.

Summit Hall

In the hearth of the Sumber Hill, you find Summit Hall, seat of the Samular Knights, an old and venerable knight order devoted to Utnapishtim. Samular Caradoon was a Minaean paladin for the Hope and Justice Protector. Ushien Stormbanner, herself too from Minaea, guides now the order.


The little city of Triboar is on the crossing between the Long Road and the Evermoor Way. It’s on a route well used by merchants to and from the city of Yartar. Now the city governor is an alphatian woman named Daratha Shendrel, who is also the city referral for the Heralds of Saturnius. The disappeared adventurer by the name of Gervon is not a half-elf but a pure elf from Shiye-Lawr (in the Alphatia continent).

Vale of Dancing Waters

For the “modern” dwarves that dwell in the Skothar continent, this place is historically important because, following the legends, the last Kogolor dwarves to live in Mystara inhabited in this area and in the Belsimer kingdom, to be precise.

A remnant of the original Kogolor group survives still today, grace to the devotion to the Immortals Garal, Frey and Freya.

They control the area and name themselves Shield Dwarves. They are in good relationship with the Congregation of the Blade.


As in the original description with the sole exception of Herivin Dardragon, the halfling owner of the Harvest Inn, that comes from Stoutfellow in the Alphatia continent.


In this forest live some Jennites in a primordial way. They have chosen the Moose as a totem and as the name of their tribe. The sacred area in the forest is devoted to the goddess Djaea (Mother Nature). Some ruins from the old elvish kingdom are the first dwellings of Idris elven followers.

Wormford and Yartar

As in the original description.

08-The Dessarin Valley_for_PotA_GMonly

The Elemental Evil in Mystara – part V: the Factions in Mystara

 [1] The map of page 32 must be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. The North of the map, then, becomes the West, the North, the East and so on.
[2] Ancient Kogolor Dwarves. “Races of Mystara” by Marco Dalmonte.
[3] Knights of the Wheel of Fire takes the place of the Knights of the Silver Horn.
[4] Idris story is found in “Codex Immortalis” by Marco Dalmonte.



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