The Elemental Evil in Mystara – part III: the Creed

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Elemental Evil Cults in Mystara and their Prophets.

The Elemental Evil disrupts the four elements inner nature, focusing their power to just destruction. For each element, a prophet full of charisma has been summoned to prepare a platform for an organized cult. Each cult act alone from the others, with different modes and aiming different ends. Each one is sure to be superior in comparison to the other cults and to be somewhat the Elemental Evil Eye beloved.

Despite these differences, amply described in the original text, the cults are connected one another through a force they fail to fully comprehend.


Black Earth CultBlack Earth Cult

A medusa called Marlos Urnrayle guides the Black Earth cult. He possesses Ironfang, a war pick, imbued from the power of Ogrémoch, the Evil Earth Prince.

Marlos is a vain being, cruel and extremely narcissist, that loves to surround himself with luxury and beautiful items. Beneath this sure and selfish behavior, a self-loathing sad creature hides looking at others with hate and contempt.

Marlos was born as a human aristocrat in a noble family of Arogansa from southwest Alphatia and grew to be a complete posh. He wasted his family wealth in a hedonistic life during which he indulged in his kinky and peculiar behaviors. Urnarayle mansion was well known for bizarre dinners, wild parties and kinky orgies. Marlos forced his guests to wear horrendous monster masks to be absolutely certain no one could put his beauty in the shade.

When he started to grow old, Marlos got into arcane arts studies, in which he had not ever excelled, to prolong his youth. During these researches, that costed him years, he found a ring with the vital essence of an innocent creature from the Fairy People. Instead of freeing the creature spirit, Marlos started to use its powers, halting for some years his body’s natural decay. But one day, the fairy creature’s soul died and thus came a curse that transformed Marlos in a medusa. Overtaken by horror and madness, Marlos fled Arogansa and Alphatia, carrying along just his large mask collection.

After some years passed traveling around between Island of Dawn, Ochalea and Bellissaria, he ended up in Sinbad’s Gate in west Skothar. Here he started to get dreams and visions that urged him to move to Esterhold Peninsula and the Sumber Hills. A long staircase under a wrecked monastery brought him in an old cavern with a freaky altar on which an iron war pick rested. When Marlos took up Ironfang, his mission became instantly clear. He set his dwelling in a nearby underground complex and started building the Black Earth Cult.


Howling Hate Cult Howling Hate Cult

Aerisi Kalinoth, a noon elf [1] guides the Howling Hate Cult. Tall and fine looking, she sports some illusory wings that moves the air with delicacy.

Aerisi talk in a gentle whisper that reaches loud and clear her people’ hears. She considers her followers not as some cultist but as her noble courtiers. In front of them, she is a Prophet and a Queen. Musicians and courtiers flatter her and revere her, warriors riding hippogriffs are as knights to her.

She was born in the far Eusdria reign, on the Savage Coast, in a noble family, surrounded by history, legends and magic. She passed the youth playing and dreaming to emulate the legendary Aeryl, the winged elves Ee’Aar ancestor. Her ever-vigilant family made her character frail and gentle with their iper-protective behavior.

But when her parents chose to let her have a look into the world and into the society they recognized the big mistake they committed. They grew a spoiled girl, not a mature woman. She was accustomed to have everything she wanted, bursting in hysterical madness whenever she was denied the smallest of things. These childish behaviors made her unwanted in Gundegard court, the king himself appeared unsatisfied of her demeanor and could not take her any more. Nonetheless, her talent for the enchanting magic continued to grow but she seemed to feel out of place in that environment. At that time, the first dreams came to her and she envisioned herself like one of the winged elf that roamed legends and stories from when she was a child. She started to dream she could master the air and with it, she could punish the ones that offended her.

Then the childish dreams started to evolve and to become some obscure vision in which she was able to dominate the storms and the air itself. Until a day, during a dream, a brown-skinned white haired mystic appeared to her promising he would teach her all he knew. The creature in her dream was Yan-C-Bin, the Evil Air Prince. Aerisi changed her magical studies moving to the study of the Air Element. This endeavor brought her form Eusdria to Alphatia. Her arts grew even finer in Floating Ar and as her studies deepened also her dreams became more intense then, a day, following their suggestions, she found a cavern in the Sumber Hills underground with an altar in it. There lied Windvane the lance, waiting for her. Driven by her mentor Yan-C-Bin, she named herself Queen and with her power, she started luring followers at her side.



Breaking Wave Cult Breaking Wave Cult

Gar Brokenkeel, once a sailor, commands the Breaking Wave Cult. He possesses Drown, the water elemental weapon: a trident imbued with the essence of Olhydra, the Evil Water Princess.

Gar is a silent and surly man who prefers his actions speak instead of words.  He is sure the world and life have wronged him and this brought him to hate deeply all the people with the sole exception of those unlucky as him. Gar despises others’ weaknesses.

He was born in a little village on the Minaea south coast and he was nothing more than a little boy when his village was attacked by the shark people. Sea devils slaughtered his family and everyone he knew. As an orphan, he embarked as ship’s boy on a merchant ship sailing for Spearpoint in eastern Bellissaria. Despite his young age and his lack of experience, Gar got the toughest jobs and the way his masters abused him arrived to the brink of slavery. His service on the ship ended abruptly when some pirates attacked the merchant ship. During the fight, Gar was stunned and drawn overboard into the sea. He survived for days clenching on a ship wreckage, until a shark attacked him and cut off his left arm. Sensing his impending end feeling that all was lost, Gar left himself go to his final destiny. A strong stream quickly rose and, as if listening to his prayers, brought him away from his predator. In less than an hour, he found himself on the beaches of Gaity Island. Thinking that the saving wave instead was a water elemental sent for his safety, he chose to set himself on oceans study and on learning their secrets. During the long years he passed moving from country to country, he travelled a lot, visiting Alatians Islands, Bellissaria, Isle of Dawn and wherever he went he tried to learn all the knowledge on sea and its magic. He never stopped to mistrust and loathe the other people, remembering the ill deeds he suffered from merchants and pirates. A day he realized he was chosen for something more, he had to rally other men like himself and teach them the power of the sea.

He got some visions immediately after understanding the real purpose of his life and he slowly reached the Sumber Hills. There he found a temple in a hidden cavern and a bizarre altar on which he found a magic trident. Sensing its power Gar took it and with it, he gathered the cultist of the Breaking Wave.



Eternal Flame CultEternal Flame Cult

Driven by a burning ambition and by the urge to punish all the people obstructing her dreams, Vanifer the thiefling has risen to guide the Eternal Flame Cult.

Her apparent coolness carefully hides a pointy blade forged by loathing and pride.

Going deeper, under her pride, lies a mayhem and chaos desire. In Vanifer boils a strong hate towards those who thinks to be superior to her and there is nothing she would not dare to appear terrible and respectable.

Vanifer, probably the daughter of a human woman and a diabolus, grew in the filthiest streets of Sayr Ulan, using just her wits as a weapon. Since her youth, she learned to dance for money and slowly she built herself a name from the lowest taverns of the merchant district to the chambers of the nobles’ houses. She also taught herself some fire magic tricks that helped her to be unique amongst the other dancers. Her talent grew and this brought her to a pasha’s attention and he asked her to join her concubines. She hated her position because she understood that she was just a trophy for the pasha. This accommodation did not last long: Vanifer left the palace but not before “relieving” the master of some precious gems and burning down the palace.

She found sanctuary in Slagovich but the pasha’s followers did not take long to find her. She fled again, this time embarking in a long journey by sea to the other side of the world. As she came to Sindbad’s Gate, she found home in the poorer districts where she started a school for dancers that in a little time started to gather other disciples. She became the charismatic guide for a group of fire apprentices. She remained in Sindbad’s Gate until a few months ago, when dreams and visions pushed her to go to the north, to the Esterhold Peninsula. In a lost temple, on an altar, she found the dagger Tinderstrike, imbued with the power of Imix, the Evil Fire Prince. With this brand new and powerful weapon, she decided to write a new chapter for his cult under the Sumber Hills.

We only need to see the last part, after the “what”, “when” and “why” of the Elemental Evil: the “where”! We will examine in detail the locations of the Dessarin Valley in Mystara and also speak about the different “neutral” factions that can affect your playing experience.


The Elemental Evil in Mystara – part IV: the Stage



From the “Razze di Mystara” almanac of Marco Dalmonte. The Fair Elves (see Elfo Chiaro in Dalmonte’s work) have a fair skin with golden tints, brown or dark hair, and they are rarely blond or red-haired. They are as tall as humans (average 175 cm) and with an athletic build.




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