Chapter II: 09 Letter of a Cleric of Halav to his Patriarch

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From Aralic’s Letter to the Church of Traladara Patriarch Aleksyev Nikelnevich 


His Beatitude,

The Reverend Excellency

Aleksyev Nikelnevich, Patriarch of the Church of Traladara


Something worrisome and troubling happened in the last few days in the little village of Stallanford where I have the privilege to serve, as per Your Highness command, as shepherd and guidance, under Halav’s Name and Law.

In the days in which we praise Him, celebrating His Triumph over the Beastmen King and His ascent as Immortal in the Outer Planes, some ungodly beasts have descended from Wufwolde Hills to attack our community.

I, for one, was victim of their cruelty, but I was not worried for my own life because I could sense Halav’s protection upon me. And so it was.

He has chosen to guide the deeds of a group of brave heroes that, on request of my parishioners, have followed the trails of my kidnappers, horrendous orcs devotees of Karaash. After reaching some caverns on Wufwolde the beasts were using as lair, they confronted them with bravery and determination, killing them all. Some piety was shown just for the female and the little ones, as it is right to spare those lives even if they are our worst enemies.

During my brief captivity I always felt a sense of anguish and the presence of an Evil looming on my own self. Obviously it was nothing that a group of orcs raiders could create, anyway my faith in Halav is very strong and did not waver for a single moment.

I felt, Your Highness, that this was somehow connected to something extremely powerful and evil, residing in the depth of the earth, under those hills.

The day after I got my freedom back, I asked the group of heroes that released me, may Halav bless them everywhere they go, to return in the underground network to further investigate on the reasons of my dark feelings. What I felt was indeed right and the outcome of the search is the reason I’m writing this to Your Reverend Excellency.

Hidden from the eyes of men and humanoids, in the dark depth under the hill an old necropolis lied. According to Adrik Fireforge, an Highforge wise dwarf travelling with the group, it may be something from the Traldar Golden Age. To worsen this, the tomb was studied and researched by an evil man called Petreides and, from what we have learned in a sort of delirious diary he used to write, he was a cleric of the Grim Reaper, whose name I fear even to pronounce. It seems that the cleric, on errands for four dark emissaries he named Death’s Masters, was searching for an Ancient Nithian Scroll. That refers to so old a lost civilization that I know nothing about it. I hope that these informations will be more useful, in Your Reverend Excellency’s hands, then hidden in my heart.

Finally there is another thing I think it is wise to share with Your Wise Self. It appears that an unlucky messenger, on course to reach Kavorquian, an old mage living near Penhaligon, was caught by the sadistic Petreides. I pray for Petra the Protector to take care of his poor soul. It seems that he was going to the mage with an anonymous request for help and a warning on a mysterious queen with a sort of a mission. I quote the letter: “she wants to collect a bloody harvest on Karameikos lands”.

Talking with my saviours, Tiberius Axius, Vaeris Holymoon, Marjana of the Moor, Adrik Fireforge and Dan Petrescu, the idea that this mysterious figure is forging an alliance with the humanoid tribes of the Black Peak Mountains, is becoming stronger and more plausible. Her intents are not clear but we are sure nothing good will come from that.

I urged my saviours to leave the same day towards the house of Kavorquian. If someone can shed some light upon the mystery of this whole matter, it really is him.


May Halav’s bravery guide us thru the darkest night.

Your humble servant,

Aralic of Stallanford,

Cleric of the Immortal King Halav

pov 09

pov 09.2

to be continued…

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