The Return of the Egg – third and last part

In the last episode, The Return of the Egg – second part, we said that this it the last, so here you will learn a lot about what was, is and will or could be of the Egg of Coot! Thrilling, isn’t it?

When the Egg of Coot rises the waters in front of the Blackmoor Reign, it puts the humanoid tribes of the North under its command and starts its journey to the world domination, it is still in the starting phase of its evolution.

The Egg, just to maintain the theme, has just hatched.

But the advent of techno-magic is a steep turning point and a big steer to the evolution development for the Old One embryo.

We all know, always from official sources like Wrath of the Immortals, that the alien technology, through a lot of tinkering, first by one of the Old Ones then by the Immortals themselves, will come to that energy form called Radiance.

Through the Radiance use (or influence) we know for sure that at least three Immortals are born: Rafiel, Benekander and then Rad.

With the Radiance so it is possible to create new Immortals.

All the ruckus between Immortal factions in Wrath of the Immortals rotates around this concept. The Egg understood the techno-magic enormous potential and so it started to bend it at its own purposes.

Its objective? It strives to create an immortal race at its command to fight, destroy and take the place of the “legit” Immortals.

Luckily for Mystara and the Immortals themselves, the Egg never reach its goal because, as we’ll see later, its job is crushed under the Great Rain of Fire, that destroyed the entire Blackmoor civilization and every memory of it.

GoliathBut during these years, both Blackmoor scientists (in part slaves to the Egg) and the Egg of Coot itself start a series of experimentations bound to the creation of new races. With advanced genetic studies in Blackmoor, the empire creates some of them: the Goliath [1], for war purposes, the Deep Gnomes [2] and the Triclops [3]. Using four elements manipulation, races like the Aarakocra and the Genasi are born.

The Egg itself conducts its experiments concocting the Aboleths and the first Elder Brains: creatures born by osmosis with itself and with its aspect. To these creature it delivers part of its enormous psychical powers so that they can be considered its true progeny. From them, as we all know, the Illithid race is born and evolves.

The Egg of Coot plans are harshly interrupted by the Great Rain of Fire, by an autodestruction process of all the techno-magic artifacts that escalates to global size, thanks to the chain reaction of the connected alien technology and Blackmoor magic.

This autodestruction process is triggered by heroes coming from the future of Mystara, passing through the Comeback Inn, a space-time traveling artifact.

Until that point, the Immortals had not been able to present a common front against the Egg, but they took the chance given by the global annihilation to erase every remembrance and every legacy of the Blackmoor civilization from history, because they thought it was too corrupt and too influenced by the Egg to even consider a milder solution.

For Mystara Immortals, the Egg is completely vanished, annihilated by the holocaust. Returning even a tiny part of Blackmoor society in the Hollow World is, for them, too big a danger to even think about it.

It is simply fear that prompt the Immortals to leave Blackmoor to its fate and let millions of innocents to die.

Is the Egg dead for real? Hell, no. But the Holocaust has a huge knock out effect on it.

For centuries the Egg loses conscience, in some ways he dies, if we compare it to a human being. Planet rotation then, with the poles shift, brings an hell of ice and snow upon Blackmoor and the Egg of Coot territories, condemning it to a sort of lethargic state.

Combined with its position, miles under the sea level, in an icy grave, this helps the Egg to not be detected even by the Immortals themselves that, by mistake, consider it dead and gone.

Four thousand years after the Great Rain of Fire and the Blackmoor civilization annihilation, the Egg conscience awakens and it is ready again to laid the foundation for a new quest to conquer Mystara.

What are the first steps? First of all, with the aim of restoring its physical form and act directly, he needs some followers to do its will.

Minds open to its calling are summoned by dreams and visions, with a promise of power, knowledge and treasures. The usual, so to speak!

Warlock and Psions can be easily introduced in this way in classical setting campaigns. Following tastes and choices this is also true for all the other aforementioned creatures that could have escaped in little havens, somehow sheltered from the holocaust.

The return of the Egg of Coot gives me the chance, with some little adjustments, to introduce in Mystara the Elemental Evil concept that was developed in some classic adventures (T1-4 – The Temple of Elemental Evil) and in the last campaign published by WotC by the title of Princes of the Apocalypse.

Want to know how? Follow my next articles on this blog! The Elemental Evil in Mystara – part I: the Scenery


Princes of the Apocalypse



 [1] The Goliath, from Elemental Evil Player Companion. I suggest inserting them as a unique race of the Skothar continent; a few survived the Great Rain of Fire and found themselves on the highest and most secluded mountain peaks. In the Esterhold Peninsula, there are some Goliaths on The Spine Mountains while other clans may dwell on the far north mountains and in the sub-arctic area.

[2] The Gnomes of the Deep, from Elemental Evil Player Companion. A gnomish sub race, born from the Blackmoor scientist experimentation. They survived, hiding themselves in the earth recesses, few and now just dozens of them remain in the whole Mystara. Their existence may pass completely unnoticed for centuries to come.

[3] Triclops: see New Races Appendix. Redesigned for D&D 5th Edition based on the race created by Marco Dalmonte. They do not appear neither in this instalment neither in the original adventure.




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