The Return of the Egg – second part

In the previous post, The Return of the Egg – first part, we spoke a lot about Blackmoor but only mentioned in passing the Egg of Coot. It’s now the time to tell you what it was quietly doing, behind the scenes!

We know that throughout the whole reign of Uther Andahar, also known as Uther the Black, the Egg has tried multiple times to raid and overtake Blackmoor. As the situation evolves it becomes way too difficult for the Egg to overcome an enemy getting stronger by the day, thanks to magic and scientific progress, and this becomes even truer because it uses more and more humanoid armies and ordinary weapons too.

So it starts for the Egg a period of apparent inactivity and non belligerency.

While Blackmoor consolidates its own independence and then grows its controlled territories (mostly towards the south into the heart of the Thonian Empire), the unexplored and harsh Egg’s Land goes more and more out of focus until becoming of little to no importance for the rulers of what will be the newborn Blackmoor Empire.

Truth to be told, the Egg has always worked on a parallel course, since its first appearance, using secrets services and scheming, and in this time starts the second stage of a really large plot that will eventually bring it to obtain the control of the whole empire.

Thanks to a variety of creatures, human and not, fully subjugated to its mental control (the so called Egg’s Progeny), it gains access in a subtle way to Blackmoor society putting its pawns in command’s positions.

This mental control will, eventually, put it in contact with the alien technology and its tecno-magic evolution. And it can mess with it, modify it, make its evolution further complex.

And this will be the beginning of the end of the known world.

But before going on with my reasoning, let me make another step forward, the last, I promise.

I have to turn back to the Egg’s origin and its true nature in (my) Mystara.

What do we know about the planet genesis, and above all the Multiverse genesis? We know that in the beginning were the Old Ones. We know that they made the world as we all know it today and they push it from their world, the Sixth Dimension, through a barrier, The Dimensional Vortex. Then they went away but not before creating the first immortals.

The huge and infinite multiverse is a, so to speak, benchmark for new immortals creation and ascension to the Old One’s status.

Try to imagine this.

A windowless room with just one exit. Inside it people dressed in some hazmat suit like the ones we see on the crime scenes in some popular TV shows. These people have arranged the room, furniture and all, even some little animals, some pets. Then they go away, closing forever the only exit, so that they are certain nothing and no one will leave the room. All has been arranged in a way that whoever is inside the closed room, will retain no memory of their presence. But let’s imagine that a tiny hair or an even tinier speck of skin had fallen from one of these people. The crime scene is compromised for as tiny this pollutant may be.

Now back to our idea: the Multiverse is the room, the Old Ones are the people in the hazmat suit, the Immortals the little pets, the Egg of Coot is the polluting element.

Dark God (72dpi)

The Egg of Coot


You may say that a tiny hair is still a tiny hair. An organic inanimate object, doomed to become impoverished, dry and in the end dissolve. With no doubt this is sound reasoning for mortal beings and perhaps for Immortal ones too. For me, this may be not true for beings (Entities? Powers?) as mysterious and powerful as the Old Ones.

During millennia, the tiny speck evolves, get a body and finally sentience. It is a progressive and enormously slow process.

What will become of It?

You will know it if you read the next exciting part of this post, The Return of the Egg – third and last part… coming 18 December




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