Vaeris Holymoon: Background & Statistics

Vaeris HolymoonNAME: Vaeris Holymoon
RACE & PROFESSION: Half-elf, outlander (guide)
CLASS: Ranger
PERSONALITY TRAITS: a yearning to move endlessly possesses me and keeps me away from home
IDEALS: the natural world is more important of all the constructions built by civilizations
BONDS: My mother, the only one that really loved me in any circumstance, is the most important thing to me. Even if I am far away from her, I always keep her in my heart
FLAWS: Do not expect that I save those who cannot save themselves. It’s nature, where the strong survives and the feeble dies.



Certain things should never happen. It should not happen, for instance, that some soldiers (Denagothians?), enter without permission in the Laughing Woods, till the small elven village of Blynnflare Hall in the Wendar reign and in their brutal sack, abuse a young golden elven girl. And it should never happen that from this outrage a child, half-man half-elf, is born. This is the law of nature in Mystara: elf if male, human if female or this is what will happen elsewhere, but not for you! You are the living testament that sometimes the Immortals are cruel and play with the destiny of men and elves alike and Wendar is soaked in magic and mystical energies to the root. You grew up in Wendar, only with your mother and loved by her, but barely tolerated by the other elves that saw in you the incarnation of what is against nature. When you were a young adult, barely 15 years old, it was clear for all that you were different. To protect you, or so she said, your mother sent you to the city of Selenica, in the Darokin Republic, where you were entrusted to a far relative, an elf that worked as a scout for the local garrison. The long journey, of more than one year, through Glantri, the Broken Lands and the Republic, forged your hard character even more and gave you a fiery and untamed spirit, longing for travel and exploration of new places.

Arrived in Selenica, you lived there for years with this scout, a surly, atypical elf, more akin to men than his blood relatives. He became fond of you and taught you how to hunt, to follow animal trails and the art of survival in the woods.

At your home, nearly one year ago, in the year of the empire AC 1004, you knew an affable traveler, an astrophile of Hule, named REHNIARDD REKANNEBED. His manners were strange and bizarre, eccentric to say the least. It seemed, like you, a fish out of water. He was obsessed by the study of the stars and constellations as if in search for something. You were not so interested in his studies but his manners, tales and, seemingly without boundaries, knowledge were a source of endless curiosity in you. A strong friendship grew between you while you strolled, many times, in the woods at the boundaries of Alfheim. When he left to begin anew his travels, at the end of the year, he gave you a letter. “Read it only when the time is right!” “How will I know that the time is right?” “You’ll know it, that’s all, young friend. And it will be soon!”





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