Stoik Rhoddendron: Background & Statistics

Stoik RhoddendronNAME: Stoik Rhoddendron
RACE AND PROFESSION: Silvan Elf Callarii (Rifllian), Noble of the Rhoddendron family
CLASS: wizard enchanter
PERSONALITY TRAITS:  I am attentive, I always try to appear impeccable and I follow the latest fashion
IDEALS: If I obtained more power no one could tell me what to do anymore
BONDS: Common people must see me as a hero
FLAWS:I hide a secret that could easily destroy my family
FAMILY SYMBOL: a white rose



Stoik is the scion of one of the oldest and more influential families of Rifllian, the Rhoddendron (in elven Tree of the Rose): it is so ancient that they forgot their own origin and that of their symbol, the white rose. In ancient ballades, they call it “the rose of Lady Callarii”, maybe to indicate the cultural importance of the family for the entire Clan, even though some songs have a more malicious interpretation, but they are sung only by drunk elves. Anyway the Rhoddendron have often generated famous artisans and artists in history, not only warriors and, even today, they sell big quantities of elven artisanal products.

His father Quillan is an important merchant in the family: his specialty are bows, arrows and similar gear, especially for mounted archers, of unequalled workmanship all over Karameikos: he even supplies to the elves in the regular army of Karameikos. The family, anyway, trades only with humans they trust. The first experiences of Stoik are as guard of small supplies of weapons for neighboring communities, especially Luln: his family eagerly sells bows and arrows, even at a discounted price, to Mistress Sascia since her cause is right and Luln is a necessary buffer between you elves and the craziness of the Baron of the Black Eagle. Stoik has many acquaintances in Luln and a pair of trusted human friends, amongst weapon merchants: one of those, Yakov, remembers that a few years before, a strange elf travelled in the outskirts of Luln and, from the look of him, Stoik recognize, with astonishment, the cousin Feadiel, presumed dead many years before!

In youth, Feadiel was only a bit different than the others and with a bizarre fascination for humans, different from the common curiosity of other elves and decides to adhere to the Traladaran tradition of the Shearing. It is not an accepted practice for demi-humans, but it is not bad nor improper then, after a few discussions, the family let him do it, knowing he will be back in a few years. This doesn’t happen and after twenty years there are still no contacts with him. The Radlebb Woods are big and sparsely populated: they arrive to Koriszegy Keep and nearly to Luln and the search of the family takes time, because the trail is cold too. Leadyl, father of Feadiel, goes only with a trusted and expert elven hunter, but comes back only after a few months with terrible news: Feadiel died near Koriszegy Keep, but he does not give any detail. Stoik so discovers that the news were false and, with the help of Yakov, start his own investigation. The trail bring them more and more in the inner part of the Barony of the Black Eagle, equally hostile to your Luln’s friend and an elf! Months of stakeouts, disguises and some fights, let the pair to overcome some slave merchants bound to Fort Doom. They soon find irrefutable proofs that Feadiel is involved: there is not his name on the parchment but his calligraphy is unmistakable. No sign at the end, only a small black rose coiled around an iron ring. Yakov is startled and, with trembling voice, explains to Stoik what he knows of the horrendous slaving organization named The Iron Ring, with its principal seat in the Barony of the Black Eagle, kidnapping people all over Karameikos. He also heard about an elusive figure, known only as The Black Rose, said to be the personal assassin of the Baron Von Hendriks and that he signs his killings with a black rose upon the victim or, sometimes, a drawing of a black rose.

Stoik is convinced that it is indeed his missing cousin but he has not even the time to think what to do and they are spotted by guards on patrol, too many to fight: after a brief skirmish, the pair grabs the horses and flees, but they are chased till the doors of Luln. Stoik is safe again but Yakov dies from his grievous wounds. Stoik’s father is furious about the complaints of Mistress Sascia and the damage to your trades with the death of Yakov and he give other errands to Stoik, far from Luln. Before leaving, the young elf hide the parchment, found in the slave caravan, in a secret place in Rifllian: it could be useful in future. He also decide not to confront his uncle about his presumed lie, he has no proofs after all, and he says nothing to his father neither, fearing that it seems like empty excuses for his failure.

A family member involved with slavery, killings and the Black Eagle, another covering up it all … in the worst case scenario, if this is all true, your family is ruined! What to do? Stoik never stops asking it himself …




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