Marjana: Background & Statistics

MarjanaNAME: Marjana (of The Moor)
RACE AND PROFESSION: Human (Traladaran), hermit
CLASS: druidess of the circle of the earth (forest)
PERSONALITY TRAITS: I feel a strong empathy with creatures in pain
IDEALS: My talents are in service of all and not for my own benefits
BONDS: I chose to isolate myself from the world because of the horror that ravaged my family. If I am starting to recover peace and serenity, I owe it only to the “Children of Zirchev”
FLAWS: I like to keep secrets and not to share them with others.



Of humble Traladaran origin, you grew up in a farm near the village of Bywaler, along the Duke’s Road, between the towns of Kelvin and Penhaligon, surrounded by a loving family and a crowd of animals (that you love a lot). Last fall (year AC 1004), a stranger by the name of HIRANDDER DERKÆBENN arrived at your home: he was from Dunadale, city of the Isle of Dawn, now under the Alphatian military control. He told you his story, one of a nomad, an artist fleeing from a country on the verge of war. His manners were elegant and gentle, his speech cultured, relaxed and full of kindness towards you. He asked for a shelter for the coming winter and, in exchange, he eagerly helped your parents with the works of the farm. From time to time, he went to the woods north of The Moor and he came back after a few days. The difference in age was big, you only sixteen, he a grown man, but his charm won your heart of teenager and young woman and you took a fancy of him. He didn’t answer to your questions about where he went in the woods, so you decided to stalk him one day. You followed him for one hour or so, but you had from the start the sensation to have travelled far longer. He stopped near a grove with a ring of tall polished stones: a circle created by druids, according to childhood stories that your mother and grandmother used to tell you. Here you attended to a show so upsetting that for a moment you believed that you would have died. You saw Hirandder transfigure under your own eyes and starting to irradiate a strange pulsating light from the eyes and the mouth, and then his skin became a pallid green. In the end, he mutated to a more than three meter tall being, green and with a perfectly chiseled body. He started to hover as if levitating, one meter above the ground. Around him, some metallic disks revolved like tiny planets around a sun, swirling more and more quickly. After a blinding flash, he was gone, vanished in the air. Suddenly you realized that you were alone, deep inside a forest and, probably, several miles far from home but, this part of the woods gave you a sense of security and serenity, never felt before. With the coming evening and the lowering temperature, you began to feel fear and it was then that you saw the centaur. It looked sternly to you but his presence gave you again a sense of security. Following him, after a several hours, you arrived at a known trail and from there you went home or, at least, to the remains. During your absence, a week or so, humanoid scum (probably orcs) attacked and sacked your family farm, killing all, your parents, sisters and brothers. Devastated, you started to wander into the ruins when you saw Hirandder coming out of the woods. He was as shaken as you were about what happened to your family. “You need someone to take care of you now, a new family!” After saying that, he brought you again at the circle of druids, in the land of centaurs and he entrusted you to them. Then as he arrived, he mysteriously vanished. You lived the last three months in the forest, learning to live as a hermit, with the sole company of the followers of Zirchev. From them you learned to leave of the bounty of nature and, bit by bit, you recovered the lost peace and serenity after the tragedy that befell your family. Then one day, while rummaging through my backpack, you found a mysterious letter that you don’t think was there before. Your heart skipped a few beats … it was written by Hirandder. You opened it with shaking hands …






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