Dan Petrescu: Background & Statistics

Dan PetrescuNAME: Dan Petrescu
RACE AND PROFESSION: Human (Traladaran), Criminal (former Assassin)
CLASS: Rogue (Thief archetype)
PERSONALITY TRAITS: I am always calm, independently of the situation. I never raise the voice of let the emotions dominate me.
IDEALS: You must break the chains and those who forge them as well!
BONDS: I try to repay a huge debt with a benefactor to whom I owe my life.
FLAWS: When I see something valuable, I cannot avoid thinking how to come into possession of it.



Life in the suburbs of Specularum was never easy, especially if you are so unlucky to be born in the poorest strata of the Traladaran population. Blessed by quick hand and head, you searched for a shortcut to success and you undertook the way of the crime. You quickly attracted the attention of the Veiled Society, a very active crime organization in Specularum, known to extort protection money from the merchants of Specularum. As it often happens, new recruits had to beat those who tried to escape the crime law and refused to pay the protection money. Someday a man of the Veiled Society, known only as Akarios, gave you a much more important job: to eliminate Boris Ivanov, a lowly Traladaran cleric, that often denounced the oppression of the poorest denizens of Specularum, by the criminal gangs. To eliminate him you should have gone into an inn of the “family”, knifed him while he dined and fled through the privy, profiting of a window giving on an alley. Obviously, you knew it was a dangerous deed, but you could not imagine it was a suicide mission! Knifed Boris to death, you fled to the bathroom but you regrettably discovered that the window had been walled up. Someone had sold you out! You would have expected soon to be reached by cutthroats of your own gang but some guards arrived instead to arrest you, with relief on your part. A short-lived comfort, they threw you in a flea-bitten cell where you realized to be the unwitting pawn in a power game involving two rival gangs, affiliated with the Veiled Society, for the division of areas of influence in town. You were now about to pay the right consequences for the crime that you foolishly accepted to commit. Your entire young life was wrong and, above all, given away to please people who had no interest in you. The realization that your existence could be very different, if you only had a second opportunity, made you very sad more than angry. You were resigned to the inevitable and right end.

“Your Honor: I really don’t see how my client could stand the trial for voluntary murder, a Class 7 crime, punished by death penalty if we are not in presence of an homicide after all, since the presumed victim, Father Ivanov,is … right here, alive and well as you all can see!”

You were the very first surprised by this sudden entry: the cleric that you stabbed with your knife between the shoulder blades was there, a bit dazed maybe, but definitely alive. Your penalty was commuted to armed assault, a Class 4 crime and your fine, several thousand of gold pieces, was entirely paid by your mysterious lawyer!

RHEDDER BIAN NEKANDER was the name of your savior and he was a young Thyatian lawyer, coming from the Barony of Biazzan. When you asked why he helped you out, he simply said that “every life has a scope: yours was not to die today and you always have to give a second opportunity to everybody.” He said this last phrase winking and amiably smiling. Before leaving, he gave you a letter: “Read it only when the time is right.” “How will I know that the time is right?” “You’ll know it, that’s all, young friend. Soon I will need you!”





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