Brannart Crownguard: Background & Statistics

PicciNAME: Brannart Crownguard
RACE AND PROFESSION: Human (Klantyre), soldier
CLASS: fighter (archetype eldritch knight)
PERSONALITY TRAITS: I like being strong and break things in pieces
IDEALS: Ideals are not really things worthy to kill or to die for
BONDS: I cannot forget the battle of Skullhorn, where I lost many friends to an undead horde
FLAWS: My hate for the undeads is blind and it often puts me in trouble




Brannart is a tall man (187 cm) with brown hair and grey eyes, born in Klantyre (Glantri) 18 years ago. He is the son of Sir Duncan McGregor, firstborn and heir of Prince Brannart McGregor but since he was born from a union not approved by the grandfather, he was declared a bastard.

Loved by his father, he was anyway at the outskirts of his family, without consideration nor respect: though talented, the study of magic was precluded to him and so the path to the nobility too, in Glantry. As his father, he developed a strong antipathy for the magicians of his nation, considering them unworthy to govern; just past fourteen, he followed his father to the Skullhorn Pass where he followed his steps becoming an excellent warrior, even though magic was still in his soul.

Here in Skullhorn he became member of the secret society of Claymore without knowing that his father is the grand master, but he found his methods to be too extreme for his ideals. In addition, his bad character and his habit to always say what he thinks, put him in a bad light and procured him many enemies.

Six months ago, while on patrol to clean the lands of the Crownguard family of the infestations of undeads, which frequently plague them, he was in a critical situation and would have died if not for the timely intervention of a man. The strangers said his name was ADDRIENERH BANNERDEK

He almost seemed to know Brannart and what was in his mind: the horrific experience left him with a deadly hatred of undead e a strong gratitude for his savior.

When some months ago he receive a convocation letter by his friend, he was very happy to travel for the faraway land of Karameikos.




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