Adrik Fireforge: Background & Statistics

Adrik FireforgeNAME: Adrik Fireforge
RACE AND PROFESSION: hill dwarf, sage (archivist)
CLASS: transmuter wizard
PERSONALITY TRAITS: There is nothing I prefer to a good mistery
IDEALS: Emotions must not cloud our logical thinking
BONDS: I have an ancient text holding a terrible secret never to fall into the wrong hands
FLAWS: Unveiling an ancient secret is worth more than the value of a life



The small community of Stronghollow is not like the homeland of Rockhome and its library is not even comparable by far with the one in the dwarf kingdom, nevertheless you carried on your task as the responsible of it with competence and meticulousness. Thus you passed the last ten years of your life reading and reading again every tome contained there, learning even to master some rudiments of self-taught magic. You very soon reached, in frustration, the limits of the magical knowledge your race could attain.

A day a mysterious strange arrived from the east, the Ylaruam Emirates, to visit us. He presented himself to the clan as NADDIRR’HE KARDENBEEN and he said to be an alchemist, interested to use the service of the best goldsmiths of the Grand Duchy to complete a research. For some months, at the end of year AC 1004, he stayed in Stronghollow. You established a strong friendship with him, due to his mind keen and open to discussions and, seeing a strong potential in you, he initiated you in the art of magic and alchemy. Thanks to a luminous globe that he gave to you (your arcane focus), you were able to master some true magic, if with difficulty.

You passed a long time together, discussing about everything, in particular of history (a very fascinating field for you). When the master goldsmiths completed the task set about by Naddirr’he, some metallic disc, slightly larger than a coin and shiny, mirror-like surfaces, he left giving you a letter. “Read it only when the time is right!” “How will I know that the time is right?” “You’ll know it, that’s all, dear friend. And it will be soon!”

Some days after his departure, you found a mysterious tome bound in black leather and you could swear that you never had seen it before! Reading it you learned that it speaks of an ancient time, when the Traldar lived their Dark Age and the Age of Bronze. A civilization, Nithia, dominated the Known World from what is now the Ylaruam area, the east part of the Darokin Republic, the north of Karameikos and ample areas now under the control of Thyatis. A civilization controlled by wizards, scholars, and astronomers, able to build gigantic magical constructions shaped like a tetrahedron. A civilization, anyway, corrupted by Entropy and which literally disappeared during a night, leaving no traces at all nor memory of its passage. Or nearly none!





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